Matthias Jäger

Alwin Luttmann4
Wulf Rössler3
Gine Elsner2
Claus Jordan2
Rolf Ellegast2
4Alwin Luttmann
3Wulf Rössler
2Gine Elsner
2Claus Jordan
2Rolf Ellegast
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In theory, program result checking has been established as a well-suited method to construct formally correct compiler frontends but it has never proved its practicality for real-life compilers. Such a proof is necessary to establish result checking as the method of choice to implement compilers correctly. We show that the lexical analysis of the GNU C(More)
BACKGROUND The to date evidence for a dose-response relationship between physical workload and the development of lumbar disc diseases is limited. We therefore investigated the possible etiologic relevance of cumulative occupational lumbar load to lumbar disc diseases in a multi-center case-control study. METHODS In four study regions in Germany(More)
The relationship between patient and therapist in mental health care is one of the most important treatment factors. It is a reliable predictor of treatment outcome, regardless of diagnosis, setting or of the type of therapy used. On the other hand, influence and coercion occur in patient-physician relationships in psychiatry. We investigated the(More)
Due to the deficits of schizophrenic patients regarding the understanding of vague meanings (D. Ketteler and S. Ketteler (2010)) we develop a special test battery called HOLF (high order linguistic function test), which should be able to detect subtle linguistic performance deficits in schizophrenic patients. HOLF was presented to 40 schizophrenic patients(More)
Moving patients or other care activities with manual patient handling is characterized by high mechanical load on the lumbar spine of healthcare workers (HCWs). During the patient transfer activity, the caregivers exert lifting, pulling, and pushing forces varying over time with respect to amplitude and direction. Furthermore, the caregivers distinctly(More)
Work is beneficial for the recovery from mental illness. Although the approach of individual placement and support (IPS) has been shown to be effective in Europe, it has not yet been widely implemented in European health care systems. The aim of this randomized controlled trial was to assess the effectiveness of IPS for disability pensioners with mental(More)
For most crops, like Capsicum, their diversity remains under-researched for traits of interest for food, nutrition and other purposes. A small investment in screening this diversity for a wide range of traits is likely to reveal many traditional varieties with distinguished values. One objective of this study was to demonstrate, with Capsicum as model crop,(More)
This study aims to investigate clients' satisfaction with individual placement and support (IPS) at the University Hospital for Psychiatry Zurich (PUK). Furthermore, this study aims to investigate if clients feel the approach of IPS as a useful approach to fulfill their needs. One hundred twenty-five people were recruited from one of the three IPS services(More)
BACKGROUND The human spine is often exposed to mechanical load in vocational activities especially in combination with lifting, carrying and positioning of heavy objects. This also applies in particular to nursing activities with manual patient handling. In the present study a detailed investigation on the load of the lumbar spine during manual patient(More)
  • Barbara Schumann, Ulrich Bolm-Audorff, Annekatrin Bergmann, Rolf Ellegast, Gine Elsner, Joachim Grifka +4 others
  • 2010
INTRODUCTION In the large-scale case-control study EPILIFT, we investigated the dose-response relationship between lifestyle factors (weight, smoking amount, cumulative duration of different sports activities) and lumbar disc disease. METHODS In four German study regions (Frankfurt am Main, Freiburg, Halle/Saale, Regensburg), 564 male and female patients(More)