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Increased neopterin concentrations in body fluids are found in diseases associated with activated, cell-mediated immunity including infections, autoimmune diseases, and certain malignancies. Monocytes/macrophages are known to secrete large amounts of neopterin upon stimulation with interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma). Ontogenetically, the major part of dendritic(More)
Surface electromyography (SEMG) is an important tool for work load assessment in ergonomics. Several different approaches using amplitude as well as frequency parameters give fruitful information depending on question at issue in the laboratory as well as in field studies. One basic factor determining the choice of analysis method is whether the SEMG is(More)
BACKGROUND The to date evidence for a dose-response relationship between physical workload and the development of lumbar disc diseases is limited. We therefore investigated the possible etiologic relevance of cumulative occupational lumbar load to lumbar disc diseases in a multi-center case-control study. METHODS In four study regions in Germany(More)
An electromyographical fatigue analysis was performed in the operating theatre on four surgeons during 14 urological operations in which 'direct endoscopy' (cf. Luttmann et al. 1996, Part I) was applied. Surface electromyograms (EMG) were derived from the m. trapezius on both sides of the body, the right m. deltoideus, and the left m. erector spinae. The(More)
A dynamic biomechanical human model is presented which allows the quantification of mechanical parameters such as torque, compressive and shear forces, and pressure at the lumbar intervertebral discs. The human model comprises a total of 19 body segments. Various trunk flexions can be analysed due to the provision of 5 joints at the level of the 5 lumbar(More)
BACKGROUND In a recent study, we showed that administration of low-dose creatine (Cr) (60 mg/kg daily) improved work capacity in patients with McArdle disease. OBJECTIVE To assess the efficacy of high-dose Cr therapy in McArdle disease. DESIGN Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study. PATIENTS Nineteen patients with McArdle(More)
Previous biomechanical analyses of typical load manipulation tasks were mainly limited to sagittal-plane activities or to static cases. This paper includes the biomechanical determination and assessment of lumbar load during asymmetrical bi-manual materials handling tasks which involve lateral turning of the body, trunk inclination, and sagittal flexion and(More)
We investigated vapor bubbles generated upon irradiation of gold nanoparticles with nanosecond laser pulses. Bubble formation was studied both with optical and acoustic means on supported single gold nanoparticles and single nanoparticles in suspension. Formation thresholds determined at different wavelengths indicate a bubble formation efficiency(More)
The IFAD-NUS project, implemented over the course of a decade in two phases, represents the first UNsupported global effort on neglected and underutilized species (NUS). This initiative, deployed and tested a holistic and innovative value chain framework using multi-stakeholder, participatory, inter-disciplinary, pro-poor gender-and nutrition-sensitive(More)
New multilayer polymer waveguides have been introduced with inverted nonlinear layers for efficient modal dispersion phase-matched second-harmonic generation at the telecommunication wavelength near 1.55 ␮m. The nonlinear optical core of the waveguides consists of two modified Disperse Red 1–based side-chain polymers with different glass-transition(More)