Matthias Ikeda

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We have searched for millimetre-wave line emission from ethylene oxide (c-C2H4O) and its structural isomer acetaldehyde (CH3CHO) in 11 molecular clouds using SEST. Ethylene oxide and acetaldehyde were detected through multiple lines in the hot cores NGC 6334F, G327.3-0.6, G31.41+0.31, and G34.3+0.2. Acetaldehyde was also detected towards G10.47+0.03,(More)
Nano-grained CoSb 3 was prepared by melt-spinning and subsequent spark plasma sintering. The phonon thermal conductivity of skutterudites is known to be sensitive to the kind and the amount of guest atoms. Thus, unfilled CoSb 3 can serve as model compound to study the impact of a nanostructure on the thermoelectric properties, especially the phonon thermal(More)
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