Matthias Ihme

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Numerical simulations of combustion in aircraft engines is quite complex, as it requires an adequate description of liquid fuel injection, liquid fuel atomization, drop breakup, drop dynamics, and evaporation, large-scale turbulent fuel air mixing, small scale molecular fuel air mixing, chemical reactions, and turbulence/chemistry interactions. In the(More)
A pattern search optimization method is applied to the generation of optimal artificial neural networks (ANNs). Optimization is performed using a mixed variable extension to the generalized pattern search method. This method offers the advantage that categorical variables, such as neural transfer functions and nodal connectivities, can be used as parameters(More)
Many combustion models that are based on the flamelet paradigm employ a reaction progress variable. While such a progress variable is well defined for one-step reaction kinetics, this is typically not the case for complex chemical mechanisms. Consequently, several expressions for a progress variable have been utilized. In this paper a formal method for the(More)
Large-eddy simulations (LES) of the Sydney bluff-body swirl-stabilized methane–hydrogen flame are performed, employing two chemistry representation methods, namely a conventional structured tabulation technique and artificial neural networks (ANNs). A generalized method for the generation of optimal artificial networks (OANNs) has been proposed by Ihme et(More)
A unified treatment of general fluid thermodynamics is developed to handle fluid flows over their entire thermodynamic states. In particular, attention has been focused on the correct evaluation of the p − v − T relationship in the trans-and super-critical regime, using a modified version of the Peng Robinson cubic equation of state and deriving from it(More)
An a priori analysis of the flamelet-model is conducted to systematically assess model-assumptions that are associated with asymptotic expansion, omission of higher-order expansion terms, and one-dimensional flamelet-representation. The full flamelet-equation for temperature, exact to the order of the Eulerian temperature transport equation and general to(More)
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