Matthias Hochadel

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AIMS The objective of the EuroHeart Failure Survey II (EHFS II) was to assess patient characteristics, aetiology, treatment, and outcome of acute heart failure (AHF) in Europe in relation to the guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of AHF published by the European Society of Cardiology. METHODS AND RESULTS Patients hospitalized for AHF were recruited(More)
AIMS International guidelines are frequently not implemented in the elderly population with heart failure (HF). This study determined the management of octogenarians with HF enrolled in Euro Heart Failure Survey II (EHFS II) (2004-05). METHODS AND RESULTS We compared the clinical profile, 12 month outcomes, and management modalities between 741(More)
We assessed whether long-term exposure to air pollution is associated with all-cause and cause-specific mortality during a period of declining particulate matter concentrations. Approximately 4800 women aged 55 years from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, were followed for up to 18 years. Exposure to air pollution was assessed in two ways: (1) using the(More)
BACKGROUND Living close to major roads or highways has been suggested to almost double the risk of dying from cardiopulmonary causes. We assessed whether long-term exposure to air pollution originating from motorized traffic and industrial sources is associated with total and cause-specific mortality in a cohort of women living in North Rhine-Westphalia,(More)
Stochastic modeling was used to predict nitrogen dioxide and fine particles [particles collected with an upper 50% cut point of 2.5 microm aerodynamic diameter (PM2.5)] levels at 1,669 addresses of the participants of two ongoing birth cohort studies conducted in Munich, Germany. Alternatively, the Gaussian multisource dispersion model IMMIS(net/em) was(More)
Im ALKK-Register werden etwa 20% der invasiven und interventionellen kardiologischen Prozeduren in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland erfasst. Im Jahr 2003 wurden in 75 Kliniken 82 282 konsekutive invasive diagnostische und 30 689 interventionelle Prozeduren erfasst und zentral ausgewertet. Die Hauptindikation zur Koronarangiographie war in 92,5% eine KHK, in(More)
AIMS Acute heart failure (AHF) has a poor prognosis. We evaluated 3- and 12-month mortality in different clinical classes of AHF patients from 30 European countries who were included in the EuroHeart Failure Survey (EHFS) II. METHODS AND RESULTS Follow-up data were available for 2981 AHF patients, of these 62% had a history of chronic HF. One-year(More)
AIMS Here, the aim is to study the management of octogenarians hospitalized for heart failure in Euro Heart Failure Survey I. Heart Failure (HF) is common in older people and associated with poor outcome. METHODS AND RESULTS We compared clinical characteristics, treatment, and short-term outcomes in 2780 octogenarians (group A, median age 85 years) and in(More)
BACKGROUND The percentage of elderly treated with percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) has been increasing year by year. Little is known about predictors of hospital mortality in elderly undergoing PCI for acute coronary syndromes (ACS) and stable angina. METHODS Between 2005 and 2008 a total of 47,407 consecutive patients undergoing PCI were(More)
AIMS This analysis evaluates the gender differences in patients hospitalised for acute heart failure (AHF) in the EuroHeart Failure Survey II (EHFS). RESULTS Of the 3580 patients included in EHFS II, 1384 (39%) were women, mean age 73 years. 2196 (61%) were men, mean age 68 years. Women more frequently had new-onset AHF, hypertension and valvular disease(More)