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Quantification of YouTube QoE via Crowdsourcing
The results suggest that, crowd sourcing is a highly effective QoE assessment method not only for online video, but also for a wide range of other current and future Internet applications. Expand
Best Practices for QoE Crowdtesting: QoE Assessment With Crowdsourcing
The focus of this article is on the issue of reliability and the use of video quality assessment as an example for the proposed best practices, showing that the recommended two-stage QoE crowdtesting design leads to more reliable results. Expand
Anatomy of a Crowdsourcing Platform - Using the Example of Microworkers.com
An inside view of the usage data from Micro workers is given and it is shown that there are significant differences to the well studied MTurk. Expand
YoMo: A YouTube Application Comfort Monitoring Tool
Out of the large number of multimedia content sharing platforms YouTube is the most popular one. This is reflected by the large number of studies which focus on analyzing YouTube characteristics.Expand
Analyzing costs and accuracy of validation mechanisms for crowdsourcing platforms
In this paper, two widely used crowd-based approaches are analyzed with regard to their detection quality, their costs and their applicability to different types of typical crowdsourcing tasks. Expand
Modeling of crowdsourcing platforms and granularity of work organization in Future Internet
A deterministic fluid model is developed which is an extension of the SIR model of epidemics, in order to investigate the platform dynamics of a crowdsourcing platform, using the Microworkers.com platform as example. Expand
Cheat-Detection Mechanisms for Crowdsourcing
Crowdsourcing is becoming more and more important for commercial purposes. With the growth of crowdsourcing platforms like MTurk, Microworkers or Inno- centive, a huge work force and a largeExpand
Measuring one-way delay in wireless mesh networks: an experimental investigation
This paper develops, implemented, and evaluated an one-way delay estimation technique for wireless mesh networks which is based on estimating intra node queuing and inter node forwarding delay, and shows how estimation accuracy depends on network load and provides insights into further improvements. Expand
Best Practices and Recommendations for Crowdsourced QoE - Lessons learned from the Qualinet Task Force Crowdsourcing
Crowdsourcing is a popular approach that outsources tasks via the Internet to a large number of users. Commercial crowdsourcing platforms provide a global pool of users employed for performing shortExpand
Predicting result quality in Crowdsourcing using application layer monitoring
An application layer monitoring (ALM) is deployed, which enables monitoring the workers' interactions with the authors' task interface on a much more detailed level and provides a new way to identify low quality work as well as difficulties in fulfilling the formulated tasks in the domain of Crowdsourcing. Expand