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Flavonoids are polyphenolic antioxidants naturally present in vegetables, fruits, and beverages such as tea and wine. In vitro, flavonoids inhibit oxidation of low-density lipoprotein and reduce thrombotic tendency, but their effects on atherosclerotic complications in human beings are unknown. We measured the content in various foods of the flavonoids(More)
BACKGROUND Within the Seven Countries Study data we investigated whether population differences in 25-year mortality rates from coronary heart disease could be explained by population differences in alcohol, fish, fibre and antioxidant intake. METHODS Baseline surveys were carried out between 1958 and 1964, on 12 763 middle-aged men constituting 16(More)
The visualization and exploration of neuroimaging data is important for the analysis of anatomical and functional magnetic resonance (MR) images and thresholded statistical parametric maps. While two-dimensional orthogonal views of neuroimaging data are used to display statistical analyses, real three-dimensional (3d) depictions are helpful for showing the(More)
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