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A practical guide to trade policy analysis
Overview - Trade flows and trade policies need to be properly quantified to describe, compare or follow the evolution of policies between sectors or countries or over time. This is essential toExpand
The movement of patients across borders: challenges and opportunities for public health.
In a globalizing world, public health is no longer confined to national borders. In recent years we have observed an increasing movement of patients across international borders. The full extent ofExpand
Aid-for-trade facilitation
Abstract‘Aid for Trade’ is an ongoing and high-profile discussion associated with the Doha negotiations of the World Trade Organization. It also relates to questions of how best to achieve theExpand
A typology of cross-border patient mobility.
Based on systematic observation and analysis of available evidence, we propose a typology of cross-border patient mobility (rather than the so-called 'medical tourism') defined as the movement of aExpand
Transparency and trade facilitation in the Asia Pacific : estimating the gains from reform
In the development context, it is increasingly recognized that tariff liberalization is not enough to ensure the integration of an economy into international markets (World Bank IndependentExpand
Is God Good for Trade?
As the world economy is integrating, trade between countries is growing rapidly. The exchange of goods not only has an economic, but also a cultural dimension. In the gravity equation literatureExpand
Border Effect Estimates for France and Germany Combining International Trade and Intranational Transport Flows
Since the seminal contribution of McCallum (1995) economists have tried to estimate the border effect for other countries than the United States and Canada, but have been confronted with a key dataExpand
The Imminent Obesity Crisis in Asia and the Pacific: First Cost Estimates
Over the past two decades, Asia and the Pacific have not only experienced rapid growth, but in parallel saw a rapid increase in overweight people and obesity. The latest available data indicated thatExpand
Transparency and Regional Integration in the Asia Pacific
We show in this paper that increasing the transparency of the trading environment can be an important complement to traditional liberalisation of tariff and non-tariff barriers. Our definition ofExpand