Matthias Goetzelmann

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During and after measles virus (MV) infection humans are highly susceptible to opportunistic infections because of a marked immunosuppressive effect of the virus. The mechanisms by which the virus induces this phenomenon is not well understood. In particular, detailed information is missing on the targets of suppression in relation to antigen-specific T and(More)
Measles virus (MV)-induced immune suppression during acute measles often leads to secondary viral, bacterial and parasitic infections which severely complicate the course of disease. Previously, we have shown that cotton rats are a good animal model to study MV-induced immune suppression, where proliferation inhibition after ex vivo stimulation of cotton(More)
By carrying out chain-transplantations of intramolluscan stages of digeneans from infected to uninfected snails it has been demonstrated that a great number of generations of these stages can follow one another. In Echinostomatids the succession of redial generations potentially seems to be unlimited.
A mitose-like form is used here as a digital metaphor for the interaction between humanity and technology. With technical reproduction of human beings no longer an impossibility, questions of individuality (uniformity) will be posed in a completely new light. " Life in the Square " attempts to sketch the role of humanity in " post-human " times.
In order to support a wide range of user applications demanding provision of high accuracy positioning along with the continuous availability of a reliable signal, integrity has been identified as one of the key concepts in the design of GNSS missions. Integrity performances are defined in association to confidence levels on the determination of several(More)
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