Matthias Goebl

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This paper reports on AnnieWAY, an autonomous vehicle that is capable of driving through urban scenarios and that successfully entered the finals of the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge competition. After describing the main challenges imposed and the major hardware components, we outline the underlying software structure and focus on selected algorithms.(More)
— This paper presents the design of the Cognitive Automobile in Munich. The focus of the capabilities shown here is the navigation on highways and rural roads. The emphasis on higher speed requires early detection of far field objects, so a multi focal active vision with gaze control is essential. For increased robustness lidar range sensors are combined(More)
Emerging cloud services provide users the device- and location agnostic access to their applications and personal data. With growing customer demand for personalized in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) the seamless access to personal data will play a crucial role in the success of upcoming IVI-systems. A seamless access, however, is tied to specific consumer(More)