Matthias Getrost

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BACKGROUND Following the production of spray-dried mannitol powders, it is essential that the polymorphic content of each individual product is completely characterized. The implications of the polymorphic behavior of mannitol are immense. The appearance or disappearance of a crystalline form within a dosage form can have costly repercussions and lead to a(More)
The inherent instability of proteins when isolated from their native conditions creates the necessity of suitable stabilisation techniques. Because of the instability of proteins in solution it is often necessary to produce them as solid formulations. A method of producing relatively stable, solid protein pharmaceuticals is to incorporate them with a(More)
The stabilizing ability of the excipient on pharmaceutically relevant proteins for potential therapeutic use is an extensive area of research but the effect the protein has on the excipient is rarely reported. The influence of two model proteins on the polymorphic behaviour of mannitol during spray drying was therefore investigated. Spray dried(More)
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