Matthias Geier

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In this paper, we introduce a direct manipulation tabletop multi-touch user interface for spatial audio scenes. Although spatial audio rendering exists for several decades now, mass market applications have not been developed and the user interfaces still address a small group of expert users. We implemented an easy-to-use direct manipulation interface for(More)
In this paper we present a system that allows to "touch", grab and manipulate sounds in mid-air. Further, arbitrary objects can seem to emit sound. We use spatial sound reproduction for sound rendering and computer vision for tracking. Using our approach, sounds can be heard from anywhere in the room and always appear to originate from the same (possibly(More)
This extended abstract outlines a proposal for an ICMC panel discussion with the intention to set on the development of a file format to create, store and share spatial audio scenes across 2D/3D audio applications and concert venues. This discussion shall include composers, sonic artists, researchers and developers in order to make such a format widely(More)
The area of sound field synthesis has significantly advanced in the past decade, facilitated by the development of high-quality sound-field capturing and re-synthesis systems. Spherical microphone arrays are among the most recently developed systems for sound field capturing, enabling processing and analysis of three-dimensional sound fields in the(More)
entwickelten Prototypen simuliert. 1 Einführung Als hybrides Produkt wird ein Leistungsbündel bezeichnet, welches aus aufeinander abgestimmten Produkten und Dienstleistungen besteht und als besonderes Kennzei-chen die Integration der Teilleistungen aufweist, um ein Kundenproblem zu lösen [1]. Dadurch kann der Wert hybrider Produkte die Summe der Werte der(More)
The introduction of new techniques for audio reproduction such as binaural technology, Wave Field Synthesis and Higher Order Ambisonics is accompanied by a paradigm shift from channel-based to object-based transmission and storage of spatial audio. The separate coding of source signal and source location is not only more efficient considering the number of(More)
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