Matthias Geier

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The SoundScape Renderer is a versatile software framework for real-time spatial audio rendering. The modular system architecture allows the use of arbitrary rendering methods. Three rendering modules are currently implemented: Wave Field Synthesis, Vector Base Amplitude Panning and Binaural Rendering. After a description of the software architecture, the(More)
A freely available collection of Head-Related Impulse Response (HRIR) measurements is introduced. The impulse responses were acquired in an anechoic chamber using a KEMAR manikin at four different loudspeaker distances – 3m, 2m, 1m and 0.5m – reaching from the far field to the near field. The loudspeaker was positioned at ear height and the manikin was(More)
Wave Field Synthesis is a well-established high-resolution spatial sound reproduction technique. Its physical basis allows to reproduce almost any desired wave field, even sound sources positioned in between the loudspeakers and the listener. Such sources are known as focused sources. Focused sources have a number of remarkable physical properties,(More)
We present a new software system for spatial audio reproduction called SoundScape Renderer. It is currently used for rendering 2-dimensional virtual acoustic scenes using either Wave Field Synthesis, binaural rendering or Vector Based Amplitude Panning. A further extension to higher order Ambisonics is planned. However, in this paper we will focus on the(More)
In this paper we present a system that allows to "touch", grab and manipulate sounds in mid-air. Further, arbitrary objects can seem to emit sound. We use spatial sound reproduction for sound rendering and computer vision for tracking. Using our approach, sounds can be heard from anywhere in the room and always appear to originate from the same (possibly(More)
In this paper, we introduce a direct manipulation tabletop multi-touch user interface for spatial audio scenes. Although spatial audio rendering exists for several decades now, mass market applications have not been developed and the user interfaces still address a small group of expert users. We implemented an easy-to-use direct manipulation interface for(More)
The SoundScape Renderer (SSR) is a versatile tool for realtime spatial audio reproduction, implementing a variety of headphoneand loudspeaker-based methods. Among others this includes Wave Field Synthesis, Higher Order Ambisonics and dynamic binaural synthesis. The SSR is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License. It uses the JACK audio(More)
In data-based rendering, soundfields are recorded with microphone arrays. For reproduction, the measured signals are extrapolated according to the given loudspeaker positions. The limitations of this extrapolation procedure are not known in detail. Additionally, this method is computationally expensive, needs to handle large amounts of measurement data and(More)