Matthias Fritzsche

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Skeletal muscle functions regulated by NO are now firmly established. However, the knowledge about the NO synthase (NOS) expression related to a defined fibre type in human skeletal muscles necessitates further clarification. To address this issue, we examined localization of NOS isoforms I, II and III, in human skeletal muscles employing immunocytochemical(More)
New generations of "smart airbags" require information about a passenger's position, weight, size and posture to discriminate between adults, children, front- or rear-faced child seats, objects put on the seat or simply empty seats. The technical solution discussed here is based on a 3D-optical time-of-flight (TOF) sensor, with active modulated(More)
The lipophilic content of the cloacal gland secretion of the tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus) was investigated. GC/EI-MS Analysis of CH2Cl2 extracts of the secretions revealed triacylglycerols as major glandular constituents. Twelve major medium-chain fatty acids were found to be conjugated to glycerol in different combinations, resulting in complex mixtures.(More)
A new method, based on a direct-electron ionization (EI) interface, is presented for the analysis of compounds insufficiently amenable to usual MS methods. The instrumentation is composed of a nano liquid chromatograph (LC) and a mass spectrometer (MS) directly coupled by a transfer capillary. The eluent is directly introduced into the heated electron(More)
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