Matthias Freund

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Model transformations are the linking element between the different levels of abstraction in the model-based user interface development. They map source elements onto target elements and define rules for the execution of these mappings. Approaches for the reuse of transformation rules use formal transformation models, which only specify the mappings and(More)
Chiari's network is a remnant of the eustachian valve located in the right atrium. Incomplete involution of the fetal sinus venosus valves results in "redundant" Chiari's network, which may compromise cardiovascular function. This report describes a case with the novel finding of prenatal compromise due to redundant Chiari's network and an uncommon case(More)
We report on a 37-year-old woman with essential systemic hypertension. An MRI was performed because of weak femoral pulses, depicting a severe almost atretic coarctation of the aorta (Fig. 1). Angiography of the proximal distal thoracic aorta was simultaneously performed (Fig. 2a). The transverse arch was narrow (16 mm), as was the diameter of the terminal(More)
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