Matthias Fellenberg

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The PEDANT genome database ( provides exhaustive automatic analysis of genomic sequences by a large variety of established bioinformatics tools through a comprehensive Web-based user interface. One hundred and seventy seven completely sequenced and unfinished genomes have been processed so far, including large eukaryotic genomes (mouse,(More)
We have developed a method for the integrative analysis of protein interaction data. It comprises clustering, visualization and data integration components. The method is generally applicable for all sequenced organisms. Here, we describe in detail the combination of protein interaction data in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae with the functional(More)
SUMMARY The HumanInfoBase (HIB) is a database of putative human gene transcripts. UniGene clusters are assembled, and the resulting consensus sequences are submitted to the PEDANT software system (Frishman,D., Albermann,K., Hani,J., Heumann,K., Metanomski,A., Zollner,A. and Mewes,H.-W., 2001, Bioinformatics, 17, 44--57) for fully automatic sequence analysis(More)
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