Matthias Färber

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OBJECTIVES Lumbar puncture (LP) is performed by inserting a needle into the spinal canal to extract cerebrospinal fluid for diagnostic purposes. A virtual reality (VR) lumbar puncture simulator based on real patient data has been developed and evaluated. METHODS A haptic device with six degrees of freedom is used to steer the virtual needle and to(More)
A live-wire-based segmentation method that exploits similarities of corresponding object contours is presented. The method accelerates the segmentation process transferring anchor points of segmented reference contours to unsegmented target slices automatically. The target contours are created using the live-wire algorithm trained by features of the(More)
In this paper we present a comprehensive modeling language for clinical processes that integrates requirements from the medical, organizational and economical dimension into a single clinical process model. The design of this modeling language is heavily influenced by the experiences we made when documenting the processes at several clinics in Germany.(More)
We present the process modeling and execution tools iPM and iPE that can dynamically be adjusted to domain specific requirements. While many publications about iPM are focusing on its modeling flexibility, this paper concentrates on its capability to execute such customized process models. The iPM execution environment (called iPE) is based upon a template(More)
In this paper we present how the process modeling and execution tools iPM and iPE can be used to model and execute biological processes. The main focus of this paper is on the flexibility of iPM and iPE with respect to the customization to the biological application domain. We will demonstrate the flexibility of our modeling methodology by giving two(More)
Healthcare applications are demanding with respect to their IT needs. Due to their complexity they need strong IT support which must provide enough freedom to their users in the medical domain because of the high degree of flexibility required by them. We have chosen a process based technology, called data logistics, which can cope with these almost(More)
Business processes have been introduced in many companies during the last years. But it was not clear how to measure the quality of these processes. ISO/IEC 15504 and CMMI have filled this gap and provide measurement frameworks to assess the maturity of processes. However, introducing and adapting processes to comply with these standards is difficult and(More)
A framework for virtual reality based training of puncture interventions is presented. The system uses a haptic device with six degrees of freedom (6DOF) to enable realistic force sensations during needle insertions into virtual patients. A manifold of different visualization techniques gives new insights into the anatomy of the punctured region. The 3D(More)