Matthias Emil Pfisterer

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Task Force Members: Gilles Montalescot* (Chairperson) (France), Udo Sechtem* (Chairperson) (Germany), Stephan Achenbach (Germany), Felicita Andreotti (Italy), Chris Arden (UK), Andrzej Budaj (Poland), Raffaele Bugiardini (Italy), Filippo Crea (Italy), Thomas Cuisset (France), Carlo Di Mario (UK), J. Rafael Ferreira (Portugal), Bernard J. Gersh (USA), Anselm(More)
BACKGROUND Whether the two drug-eluting stents approved by the US Food and Drug Administration-a sirolimus-eluting stent and a paclitaxel-eluting stent-are associated with increased risks of death, myocardial infarction, or stent thrombosis compared with bare-metal stents is uncertain. Our aim was to compare the safety and effectiveness of these stents. (More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to define the incidence of late clinical events and late stent thrombosis in patients treated with drug-eluting (DES) versus bare-metal stents (BMS) after the discontinuation of clopidogrel as well as their timing and outcome. BACKGROUND There is growing concern that delayed endothelialization after DES implantation may lead to late(More)
A new discriminant function model for estimating probabilities of angiographic coronary disease was tested for reliability and clinical utility in 3 patient test groups. This model, derived from the clinical and noninvasive test results of 303 patients undergoing angiography at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, was applied to a group of 425 patients(More)
BACKGROUND Vorapaxar is a new oral protease-activated-receptor 1 (PAR-1) antagonist that inhibits thrombin-induced platelet activation. METHODS In this multinational, double-blind, randomized trial, we compared vorapaxar with placebo in 12,944 patients who had acute coronary syndromes without ST-segment elevation. The primary end point was a composite of(More)
CONTEXT It is uncertain whether intensified heart failure therapy guided by N-terminal brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) is superior to symptom-guided therapy. OBJECTIVE To compare 18-month outcomes of N-terminal BNP-guided vs symptom-guided heart failure therapy. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PATIENTS Randomized controlled multicenter Trial of Intensified vs(More)
BACKGROUND The long-term effects of treatment with sirolimus-eluting stents, as compared with bare-metal stents, have not been established. METHODS We performed an analysis of individual data on 4958 patients enrolled in 14 randomized trials comparing sirolimus-eluting stents with bare-metal stents (mean follow-up interval, 12.1 to 58.9 months). The(More)
BACKGROUND B-type natriuretic peptide levels are higher in patients with congestive heart failure than in patients with dyspnea from other causes. METHODS We conducted a prospective, randomized, controlled study of 452 patients who presented to the emergency department with acute dyspnea: 225 patients were randomly assigned to a diagnostic strategy(More)
BACKGROUND It is unclear whether stable, high-risk patients with persistent total occlusion of the infarct-related coronary artery identified after the currently accepted period for myocardial salvage has passed should undergo percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in addition to receiving optimal medical therapy to reduce the risk of subsequent events.(More)
AIM Little is known about the prognostic significance of silent versus symptomatic coronary artery disease (CAD) in diabetic patients. We therefore assessed the incidence of scintigraphic evidence of CAD in diabetic patients without known CAD and the impact of symptoms and scintigraphic findings on prognosis. METHODS AND RESULTS A consecutive series of(More)