Matthias Eisemann

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation programme on sick-leave, coping resources and life satisfaction in whiplash patients and other pain patients. SUBJECTS Forty patients suffering from symptoms after whiplash trauma and 33 patients with musculoskeletal pain in the neck or back were recruited for this study. Ninety-seven(More)
Women with breast cancer are naturally exposed to strain related to diagnosis and treatment, and this influences their experienced quality of life (QoL). The present paper reports the effect, with regard to QoL aspects, of an art therapy intervention among 41 women undergoing radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer. The women were randomized to an(More)
Forty-five women with stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and their partners have been interviewed three months before and one year after surgical treatment to investigate the social consequences of their impairment. One year after surgery 76% of the women reported that they were cured (group A, n = 34) and 24% that they were improved (group B, n = 11). The(More)
Forty-five women with stress incontinence (mean age 50 years) scheduled for surgical treatment randomized either to retropubic urethrocystopexy or to pubococcygeal repair were prospectively studied. Fifty healthy women were used as a reference group. No difference emerged concerning the outcome for these two surgical techniques in terms of success rate.(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the well-being of women with endometrial versus cervical cancer before treatment, and its determinants at 12 to 15 months follow-up. The subjects were interviewed before treatment, then 6 and 12 to 15 months after initiation of treatment. Simultaneously, they completed questionnaires on psychological symptoms and(More)
By means of discriminant analysis, the frequently proposed distinction of alcoholics according to family history of alcoholism was tested. The most powerful discriminative factors were dysfunctional attitudes, some particular personality characteristics, and perceived parental rearing patterns. The results lend support to the assumption to regard alcoholics(More)
Possible differences in personality were investigated in a sample of endometrial (n = 30) and cervical (n = 30) cancer patients and related to sexual behavior. The assessments were based on the Karolinska Scales of Personality (KSP) and semistructured interviews. The endometrial group reported both a higher age at sexual debut and a lower number of sexual(More)
Public transport plays an important role in our society which is characterized by mobility, individuality, comfort and ecological constraints. It is common opinion that public transport offers a high level of comfort but lacks individual flexibility compared to individual transport. While navigation systems and other context-aware services enhance the(More)
Our society is characterised by individuality, comfort and mobility. It has been shown in many scientific studies that the mobile phone plays an important role in our living and working environment. While navigation systems in cars offer a high level of individuality, comfort and a high degree of integration with the car electronics, there are no comparable(More)
Personality traits were assessed by means of the Karolinska Scale of Personality (KSP) and the Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI) in 45 genuine stress incontinent women and compared with a reference group of continent women in order to investigate the possible impact of this chronic condition on the personality. Women with stress incontinence of long(More)