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In computer graphics and geometric modeling, shapes are often represented by triangular meshes. With the advent of laser scanning systems, meshes of extreme complexity are rapidly becoming commonplace. Such meshes are notoriously expensive to store, transmit, render, and are awkward to edit. Multiresolution analysis offers a simple, unified, and(More)
Statistical machine translation relies heavily on the available training data. In some cases it is necessary to limit the amount of training data that can be created for or actually used by the systems. We introduce weighting schemes which allow us to sort sentences based on the frequency of unseen n-grams. A second approach uses TF-IDF to rank the(More)
Even with advanced geometric modeling systems, creating freeform surfaces is a challenging task. Laser range scanners offer a promising alternative for model acquisition—the 3D scanning of existing objects or clay maquettes. The problem of converting the dense point sets produced by laser scanners into useful geometric models is referred to as surface(More)
Language modeling is an important part for both speech recognition and machine translation systems. Adaptation has been successfully applied to language models for speech recognition. In this paper we present experiments concerning language model adaptation for statistical machine translation. We develop a method to adapt language models using information(More)
BACKGROUND Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) are characterized by a breakdown of colon epithelial barrier function. Antimicrobial peptides like cathelicidins are molecules of the innate immune system located at epithelial surfaces. Cathelicidins influence microbial growth and inflammation and may play a role in IBD. In this study, the expression of human(More)
BACKGROUND LIM and SH3 protein 1 (LASP-1), initially identified from human breast cancer, is a specific focal adhesion protein involved in cell proliferation and migration, which was reported to be overexpressed in 8-12 % of human breast cancers and thought to be exclusively located in cytoplasm. METHODS In the present work we analyzed the cellular and(More)
To rapidly port speech applications to new languages one of the most difficult tasks is the initial collection of sufficient speech corpora. State-of-the-art automatic speech recognition systems are typical trained on hundreds of hours of speech data. While pre-existing corpora do exist for major languages, a sufficient amount of quality speech data is not(More)