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After Neoliberalism? Brazil, India, and China in the Global Economic Crisis
Against the backdrop of debates about ‘post-neoliberalism’, we examine the implications of the global economic crisis for three important semi-peripheral states: Brazil, India, and China. Deploying aExpand
New directions in comparative capitalisms research : critical and global perspectives
Introduction: Comparative Capitalisms Research and the Emergence of Critical, Global Perspectives Matthias Ebenau, Ian Bruff and Christian May PART I: COMPARING CAPITALISMS IN THE GLOBAL POLITICALExpand
Directions and Debates in the Globalization of Comparative Capitalisms Research
This chapter reviews a number of recent attempts to geographically expand the Comparative Capitalisms (CC) agenda. Its point of departure is the observation that CC — traditionally focused on someExpand
Comparative capitalisms and Latin American neodevelopmentalism: A critical political economy view
This article engages critically with an emerging Brazilian research programme, ‘varieties of capitalism and development in Latin America’, a perspective which seeks to ascertain the institutionalExpand
Varieties of Capitalism or Dependency? A Critique of the VoC Approach for Latin America
This article critically discusses the recent enlargement of the ‘Varieties of Capitalism’ (VoC) approach to Latin America as an attempt to come to terms with the persistence of transnationalExpand
Neodevelopmentalist state capitalism in Brazil and Argentina: chances, limits and contradictionsh
Abstract This article critically analyses the recent reinvigoration of state capitalist economic strategies, guided by neodevelopmentalist political thought, in Brazil and Argentina. It makes use ofExpand
Critical political economy and the critique of comparative capitalisms scholarship on capitalist diversity
This introduction to the special issue focuses on the rise to dominance in debates on capitalist diversity of approaches which take institutions as their starting point, rather than the wider socialExpand
All Varieties Are Equal… Contributions from Dependency Approaches to Critical Comparative Capitalisms Research
In-depth analyses of the realities of capitalism in different parts of the world presuppose interrogating the multiplicity of factors that affect the economic, social and political developmentExpand