Matthias De Geyter

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An increase in diversity of devices that access the Internet, each with its own specifications, has generated the need for adapted presentations for each specific platform. However, to dynamically adapt these presentations, information from three parties needs to be matched: a description of the target platform’s capabilities and preferences, the structure(More)
Continuing changes in the domains of consumer devices and multimedia formats demand for a new approach to media adaptation. The publication of customized content on a device requires an automatic adaptation engine that takes into account the specifications of both the device and the material to be published. These specifications can be expressed using a(More)
Recording videos with smartphones at large-scale events such as concerts and festivals is very common nowadays. These videos register the atmosphere of the event as it is experienced by the crowd and offer a perspective that is hard to capture by the professional cameras installed throughout the venue. In this article, we present a framework to collect(More)
Multimedia streaming to mobile devices is gaining popularity. In order to provide a high Quality-of-Experience to users of such devices, adaptation and caching mechanisms need to be provided at various places in the network. Such mechanisms can only perform well when they have sufficient metadata on the media, network, user and device at their disposal. In(More)
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