Matthias C. Jantsch

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Changes in vegetation composition due to the increasing temperatures in the past few decades have already been reported from several parts of Europe. It has been shown that single species move either northwards or to higher elevations. We expected that the species composition of forest stands should also have changed, i.e., an increase of thermophilous(More)
In the face of climate warming, maps of potential tree species distribution can support forest management planning at coarse scales. For evaluating future suitability, conditions at the rear edge, i.e. at the meridional and lower altitudinal limits of species distribution, are of particular importance. Therefore, we present the concept of climatic(More)
Based on macroecological data, we test the hypothesis whether European tree species of temperate and boreal distribution maintain their water and nutrient supply in the more arid southern margin of their distribution range by shifting to more fertile soils with higher water storage than in their humid core distribution range (cf. soil compensatory effects).(More)
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