Matthias Busse

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This paper outlines the concepts and achievements of our evaluation lab on digital text forensics, PAN 13, which called for original research and development on plagiarism detection, author identification, and author profiling. We present a standardized evaluation framework for each of the three tasks and discuss the evaluation results of the altogether 58(More)
This paper overviews 17 plagiarism detectors that have been evaluated within the sixth international competition on plagiarism detection at PAN 2014. We report on their performances for the two tasks source retrieval and text alignment of external plagiarism detection. For the third year in a row, we invite software submissions instead of run submissions(More)
In this paper we give a brief overview of the Webis group's participation in the TREC 2012 Session track. Our runs focus on three research questions: (1) distinguishing low risk sessions where we want to involve session knowledge from those where we don't, (2) examining conservative query expansion (only few expansion terms based on keywords from previous(More)
Integration of sensors into various kinds of products and machines provides access to in-depth usage information as basis for product optimization. Presently, this large potential for more user-friendly and efficient products is not being realized because (a) sensor integration and thus usage information is not available on a large scale and (b) product(More)
Current research into integrating RFID into metal parts has shown the practical feasibility of embedding transponders directly into aluminum during the casting process. This introduces the possibility of augmenting parts with decision making capabilities immediately after casting. Along with concepts from the field of Intelligent Products and models of(More)
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