Matthias Buch-Kromann

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We propose a unified model of syntax and discourse in which text structure is viewed as a tree structure augmented with anaphoric relations and other secondary relations. We describe how the model accounts for discourse connectives and the syntax-discourse-semantics interface. Our model is dependency-based, ie, words are the basic building blocks in our(More)
The linguistic quality of a parallel treebank depends crucially on the parallelism between the source and target language annotations. We propose a linguistic notion of translation units and a quantitative measure of parallelism for parallel dependency treebanks, and demonstrate how the proposed translation units and parallelism measure can be used to(More)
This paper presents a generative probabilistic dependency model of parallel texts that can be used for statistical machine translation and parallel parsing. Unlike syntactic models that are based on context-free dependency grammars, the dependency model proposed in this paper is based on a sophisticated notion of dependency grammar that is capable of(More)
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