Matthias Brill

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The language of Message Sequence Charts (MSC) is a wellestablished visual formalism which is typically used to capture scenarios in the early stages of system development. But when it comes to rigorous requirements capturing, in particular in the context of formal verification, serious deficiencies emerge: MSCs do not provide means to distinguish mandatory(More)
This paper presents how a model-based development process can be enhanced by the combination of using Live Sequence Charts (LSC) as the formal language to describe interactions together with automatic formal verification techniques that decide whether communication sequences are exhibitable or adhered to by the system. We exemplify our approach on the(More)
We present a new technique for automatically synthesizing the assumptions needed in compositional model checking. The compositional approach reduces the proof that a property is satisfied by the parallel composition of two processes to the simpler argument that the property is guaranteed by one process provided that the other process satisfies an assumption(More)
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