Matthias Braeunig

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OBJECTIVES Cupping is a traditional method for treating pain which is investigated nowadays in clinical studies. Because the methods for producing the vacuum vary considerably we tested their reproducibility. METHODS In a first set of experiments (study 1) four methods for producing the vacuum (lighter flame 2 cm (LF1), lighter flame 4 cm (LF2), alcohol(More)
Multimodal ganzfeld (MMGF) frequently induces dreamlike, pseudo-hallucinatory imagery. The aim of the study was to explore EEG correlates of MMGF-induced imagery. In a screening phase, seven 'high-responders' were selected by frequency and quality of their reported hallucinatory experience in MMGF. Each of these subjects then participated in three MMGF(More)
OBJECTIVES Cupping worldwide has been part of traditional medicine systems and is in the western world used as CAM therapy mainly for treating pain syndromes. The mode of action is up to now unclear. In order to investigate its mechanism we measured in parallel metabolic changes in the tissue under the cupping glass and pressure pain thresholds. DESIGN(More)
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