Matthias Brückner

Michael R R Böhm2
Sarah Pfrommer2
Harutyun Melkonyan2
Solon Thanos2
Carolin Chiwitt1
2Michael R R Böhm
2Sarah Pfrommer
2Harutyun Melkonyan
2Solon Thanos
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The purpose of the study was to further scrutinize the potential of βB2-crystallin in supporting regeneration of injured retinal ganglion cell axons both in vitro and in vivo. Retinal explants obtained from animals after treatment either with lens injury (LI) alone or with combined LI 5 days or 3 days before or simultaneously with an optic nerve crush (ONC)(More)
PURPOSE Crystallin β-b2 (crybb2) is known to support the regeneration of retinal ganglion cell (RGC) axons in culture. We investigated whether neuronal progenitor cells (NPCs) overexpressing crybb2 (crybb2-NPC) affect secondary retinal degeneration due to optic nerve crush in vivo. METHODS NPCS were produced by dissociation and propagation of rat(More)
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