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The biological and clinical relevance of glycosylation is becoming increasingly recognized, leading to a growing interest in large-scale clinical and population-based studies. In the past few years, several methods for high-throughput analysis of glycans have been developed, but thorough validation and standardization of these methods is required before(More)
High-throughput methods for oligosaccharide analysis are required when searching for glycan-based biomarkers. Next to mass spectrometry-based methods, which allow fast and reproducible analysis of such compounds, further separation-based techniques are needed, which allow for quantitative analysis. Here, an optimized sample preparation method for(More)
Glycomics has become a rapidly emerging field and monitoring of protein glycosylation is needed to ensure quality and consistency during production processes of biologicals such as therapeutic antibodies or vaccines. Glycoanalysis via multiplexed CGE with LIF detection (xCGE-LIF) represents a powerful technique featuring high resolution, high sensitivity as(More)
The ongoing threat of pathogens, increasing resistance against antibiotics, and the risk of fast spreading of infectious diseases in a global community resulted in an intensified development of vaccines. Antigens used for vaccination comprise a wide variety of macromolecules including glycoproteins, lipopolysaccharides, and complex carbohydrates. For all of(More)
High-throughput Glycosylation Analysis of Immunoglobulin G in Genetic and Epidemiological Research*□S Jennifer E. Huffman‡, Maja Pučić-Baković§, Lucija Klarić§, René Hennig¶ , Maurice H. J. Selman**, Frano Vučković§, Mislav Novokmet§, Jasminka Krištić§, Matthias Borowiak , Thilo Muth¶ , Ozren Polašek‡‡, Genadij Razdorov§§, Olga Gornik§§, Rosina Plomp**,(More)
Facilitated by substantial advances in analytical methods, plasma N-glycans have emerged as potential candidates for biomarkers. In the recent years, several investigations could link aberrant plasma N-glycosylation to numerous diseases. However, due to often limited specificity and sensitivity, only a very limited number of glycan biomarkers were approved(More)
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