Matthias Berger

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CONTEXT Cognitive therapy (CT) focuses on the modification of biased information processing and dysfunctional beliefs of social anxiety disorder (SAD). Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) aims to change problematic interpersonal behavior patterns that may have an important role in the maintenance of SAD. No direct comparisons of the treatments for SAD in an(More)
The direct, lipase-catalyzed esterification of hydrophilic diols in organic solvents was achieved by first adsorbing the hydrophilic, solvent immiscible substrate onto a solid support with high internal surface, namely silica gel and reacting the solid mixture with fatty acid vinyl esters in an appropriate organic solvent and in presence of an immobilized(More)
Cellular automata (CA) models have been for several years, employed to describe urban phenomena like growth of human settlements, changes in land use and, more recently, dispersion of air pollutants. We propose to adapt CA to study the dispersion of anthropogenic heat emissions on the micro scale. Three dimensional cubic CA with a constant cell size of 0.15(More)
In architecture and urban design, urban climate on is a strong design criterion for outdoor thermal comfort and building’s energy performance. Evaluating the effect of buildings on the local climate and vice versa is done by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods. The results from CFD are typically visualized through post-processing software closely(More)
―Make cities more sustainable‖ is an omnipresent slogan in architecture and urban planning. This article is a discussion on theoretical and practical boundaries of using the expression ―sustainability‖ with respect to the scientific community, therefore avoiding sustainability becoming a euphemism for ―doing good‖. By definition, it can be concluded, cities(More)
A facile system was developed for the quantitative determination of lipase regioselectivities in organic solvents towards the 1(3)-position of glycerides. It was utilized for the measurement of the regioselectivities displayed by lipase preparations fromMucor miehei (Lipozyme™),Pseudomonas fluorescens andRhizopus delemar. It was shown that the lipases(More)
Many contemporary research tasks require complex decision making and interdisciplinary collaboration among different groups of experts and stakeholders. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the planning and design of future cities - rapidly growing cities where the development and allocation of energy, housing, transportation and other scarce resources(More)
Digitization of everyday products and individual compositions of complex systems foster technological home networks. Thereby, users decide which smart home systems (SHS) they wish to connect themselves. Despite this phenomenon’s increasing relevance, previous research has not yet analyzed how individuals buy and combine systems for home network integration.(More)
The anhydrous forms of first-row transition-metal chlorides and bromides ranging from vanadium to copper were synthesized in a one-step reaction using the relatively inexpensive element oxides, carbon sources, and halogen halides as starting materials. The reactions were carried out in a microwave oven to give quantitative yields within short reaction times.