Matthias Behrens

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In the present study we have analyzed the integrity and expression of the alphaA-crystallin gene, that codes for a major structural component of the lens, in a blind cave form of the teleostean fish, Astyanax fasciatus. This is the first alphaA-crystallin gene cloned from a teleostean fish. Sequence comparison of this cave-form gene with its epigean(More)
The Pax-6 gene encodes a transcription factor essential for eye development in a wide range of animal phyla. In order to elucidate a possible role of Pax-6 in the eye regression of a blind cave form of the freshwater fish Astyanax fasciatus (Characidae, Teleostei) we investigated the expression of Pax-6 in eyes and brains of different larval stages by in(More)
In lower cancellous apparent bone density, it can be difficult to achieve adequate screw fixation and hence stable fracture fixation. Different strategies have been proposed, one of them is through augmentation using calcium phosphate cement in the region at or close to the screw thread itself. To support the hypothesis of an improved screw fixation(More)
BACKGROUND Secondary metabolites produced by Fusarium fungi frequently contaminate food and feed and have adverse effects on human and animal health. Fusarium mycotoxins exhibit a wide structural and biosynthetic diversity leading to different toxicokinetics and toxicodynamics. Several studies investigated the toxicity of mycotoxins, focusing on very(More)
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