Matthias Baumgarten

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Managers of electronic commerce sites need to learn as much as possible about their customers and those browsing their virtual premises, in order to maximise the return on marketing expenditure. The discovery of marketing related navigation patterns requires the development of data mining algorithms capable of the discovery of sequential access patterns(More)
This paper shows the importance of the use of class information in feature extraction for classification and inappropriateness of conventional PCA to feature extraction for classification. We consider two eigenvector-based approaches that take into account the class information. The first approach is parametric and optimizes the ratio of between-class(More)
1 ! Abstract—Pervasive computing services exploit information about the physical world both to adapt their own behavior in a context-aware way and to deliver to users enhanced means of interaction with their surrounding environment. The technology to acquire digital information about the physical world is increasingly available, making services at risk of(More)
The increasing ubiquity of sensing, computing and communication devices is forming the basis of a " smart world infrastructure " , with the potential to offer us panoply of innovative pervasive services. However, it also calls for such services to operate in a situation-aware and fully autonomic way. To achieve this, services would require a high degree of(More)