Matthias Baumgarten

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This paper shows the importance of the use of class information in feature extraction for classification and inappropriateness of conventional PCA to feature extraction for classification. We consider two eigenvector-based approaches that take into account the class information. The first approach is parametric and optimizes the ratio of between-class(More)
Managers of electronic commerce sites need to learn as much as possible about their customers and those browsing their virtual premises, in order to maximise the return on marketing expenditure. The discovery of marketing related navigation patterns requires the development of data mining algorithms capable of the discovery of sequential access patterns(More)
Context-awareness refers to computing systems that are able to sense and to comprehend their environment in order to adapt themselves in dependence to the available and relevant contextual information they depend upon. Gathering such contextual information involves real world entities such as sensors, which, for various reasons, are often prone to certain(More)
Today’s connected society is characterized by the way people share information and by how such information affects the community as a whole. This is particular relevant when such information reflects the opinion of individuals about other individuals, companies, products, specific product features, etc. Arguably, Twitter is one of the most popular platforms(More)
The web is fast maturing into an important marketing medium that provides businesses with the ability to undertake oneto-one marketing and provide personalised services to their customers. Log files provide a rich source of information about customers that can be used to achieve these services. However, the knowledge required to undertake such activity is(More)
The importance as well as the availability of sensor-based technology and environments is constantly increasing. This is not only based on the latest advances in sensor technology but also due to the incorporation of more powerful communication and processing mechanisms into the sensor nodes which may, eventually, allow for the emergence of cognitive(More)
This paper investigates optimal model selection for posture recognition. Accuracy and computational time are related to the trained model in a supervised classification. An optimal model selection is important for a reliable activity monitoring system. Conventional guidance on model training uses large instances of randomly selected data in order to(More)