Matthias Asplund

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This paper undertakes a reliability study using a Bayesian survival analysis framework to explore the impact of a locomotive wheel’s installed position on its service lifetime and to predict its reliability characteristics. The Bayesian Exponential Regression Model, Bayesian Weibull Regression Model and Bayesian Log-normal Regression Model are used to(More)
This paper undertakes a general reliability study using both classical and Bayesian semi-parametric degradation approaches. The goal is to illustrate how degradation data can be modelled and analysed to flexibly determine reliability to support preventive maintenance strategy making, based on a general data-driven framework. With the proposed classical(More)
A reliability study based on a Bayesian semi-parametric framework is performed in order to explore the impact of the position of a locomotive wheel on its service lifetime and to predict its other reliability characteristics. A piecewise constant hazard regression model is used to analyse the lifetime of locomotive wheels using degradation data and taking(More)
In this paper the influence of wheel/rail contact conditions on the possible occurrence of curve squeal is investigated. A reference case is presented, together with the available experimental data, and the results of numerical simulations are illustrated. The analyses reported in the paper are based on two calculation steps. First 3D multibody simulation(More)
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