Matthias Anlauff

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A semi-visual framework for the speci cation of syntax and semantics of imperative programming languages, called Montages, was proposed in an earlier work by the authors. The primary aim of this formalism is to assist in recording the decisions taken by the designer during the language design process. The associated tool Gem-Mex allows the designer to(More)
Last decade witnessed a disappointing lack in technology transfer from formal semantics to language design. Research in formal semantics has developed increasingly complex concepts and notation, at the expense of calculational clarity and applicability in the development of languages. Montages is a visual domain-speciic formalism for specifying all the(More)
The specification of all aspects of a programming language requires adequate formal models and tool support. Montages specifications combine graphical and textual elements to yield language descriptions similar in structure, length, and complexity to those in common language manuals, but with a formal semantics. A broad range of people involved in(More)
We present a formal framework for incremental reasoning about authentication protocols, supported by the Protocol Derivation Assistant (Pda). A salient feature of our derivational approach is that proofs of properties of complex protocols are factored into simpler proofs of properties of their components, combined with proofs that the relevant refinement(More)
In wireless sensor networks, localization is one of the key issues in many applications, where a number of wireless sensor devices are used, for instance, to locate one or more (moving) targets. Typical examples are pursuer/invader applications, where the wireless devices are spread over an area and have to collectively determine the position of an invader(More)
In this paper, we present an implementation of action notation based on a formal and modular specification of its semantics. This specification allows an automatic generation of an environment consisting of an interpreter and a debugger which allows the visualization of an action notation program execution and relates it to the given formal specification.(More)