Matthias Albrecht

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Species-rich tropical communities are expected to be more specialized than their temperate counterparts. Several studies have reported increasing biotic specialization toward the tropics, whereas others have not found latitudinal trends once accounting for sampling bias or differences in plant diversity. Thus, the direction of the latitudinal specialization(More)
Compartmentalization-the organization of ecological interaction networks into subsets of species that do not interact with other subsets (true compartments) or interact more frequently among themselves than with other species (modules)-has been identified as a key property for the functioning, stability and evolution of ecological communities. Invasions by(More)
Our purpose was to study morphological, functional, and metabolic changes induced by chronic ischemia in myocardium supplied by the stenotic vessel and in the remote area by MR techniques. A new technique of image fusion is proposed for analysis of coronary artery stenosis involving coronary MR angiography and spectroscopic imaging. Cine-MRI was performed 2(More)
Nemaline myopathy is among the most common congenital myopathies. We describe for the first time a novel double de novo mutation in two adjacent codons resulting in two amino acid changes E74D and H75Y in the ACTA1 gene. The hypotonic male infant was the first son of healthy unrelated parents with no family history of neuromuscular disorders. Pregnancy was(More)
Habitat amount and patch isolation are important determinants of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. We studied the separate and interactive effects of these two components of habitat fragmentation on host-parasitoid interactions in a replicated landscape-scale study. We used trap-nesting solitary bees, wasps and their natural enemies as study system.(More)
BACKGROUND Agri-environment schemes play an increasingly important role for the conservation of rare plants in intensively managed agricultural landscapes. However, little is known about their effects on gene flow via pollen dispersal between populations of these species. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS In a 2-year experiment, we observed effective pollen(More)
Genetic diversity and relatedness of the mangrove Rhizophora mangle L. (Rhizophoraceae) using amplified fragment polymorphism (AFLP) among locations in Florida, USA and the Caribbean" (2013). Abstract Rhizophora mangle L. is a widespread mangrove species in the Western Hemisphere. Mangrove habitat loss and their importance to coastal and reef ecosystems(More)
Impacts of climate change on individual species are increasingly well documented, but we lack understanding of how these effects propagate through ecological communities. Here we combine species distribution models with ecological network analyses to test potential impacts of climate change on >700 plant and animal species in pollination and seed-dispersal(More)
Land-use change and intensification threaten bee populations worldwide, imperilling pollination services. Global models are needed to better characterise, project, and mitigate bees' responses to these human impacts. The available data are, however, geographically and taxonomically unrepresentative; most data are from North America and Western Europe,(More)
Alien invasive plant species can affect pollination, reproductive success and population dynamics of co-flowering native species via shared pollinators. Consequences may range from reproductive competition to facilitation, but the ecological drivers determining the type and magnitude of such indirect interactions remain poorly understood. Here, we examine(More)