Matthias Albrecht

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1. We studied the community and food-web structure of trap-nesting insects in restored meadows and at increasing distances within intensively managed grassland at 13 sites in Switzerland to test if declining species diversity correlates with declining interaction diversity and changes in food-web structure. 2. We analysed 49 quantitative food webs(More)
Understanding the functional consequences of biodiversity loss is a major goal of ecology. Animal-mediated pollination is an essential ecosystem function and service provided to mankind. However, little is known how pollinator diversity could affect pollination services. Using a substitutive design, we experimentally manipulated functional group (FG) and(More)
Our purpose was to study morphological, functional, and metabolic changes induced by chronic ischemia in myocardium supplied by the stenotic vessel and in the remote area by MR techniques. A new technique of image fusion is proposed for analysis of coronary artery stenosis involving coronary MR angiography and spectroscopic imaging. Cine-MRI was performed 2(More)
Changes in the microcirculation may compensate for the reduction of perfusion supplied by the stenotic vessel. The objective of this study was to determine functional adaptive processes in the microcirculation by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) during coronary stenosis in the rat heart. Left coronary artery (LAD) narrowing (cross-sectional area 49.8 +/-(More)
BACKGROUND Agri-environment schemes play an increasingly important role for the conservation of rare plants in intensively managed agricultural landscapes. However, little is known about their effects on gene flow via pollen dispersal between populations of these species. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS In a 2-year experiment, we observed effective pollen(More)
How climate-change induced environmental stress may alter the effects of inbreeding in patchy populations of rare species is poorly understood. We investigated the fitness of progeny from experimental self- and cross-pollinations in eight populations of different size of Echium wildpretii, a rare endemic plant of the arid subalpine zone of the Canarian(More)
Grassland ecosystems support large communities of aboveground herbivores that are known to directly and indirectly affect belowground properties such as the microbial community composition, richness, or biomass. Even though multiple species of functionally different herbivores coexist in grassland ecosystems, most studies have only considered the impact of(More)
Nemaline myopathy is among the most common congenital myopathies. We describe for the first time a novel double de novo mutation in two adjacent codons resulting in two amino acid changes E74D and H75Y in the ACTA1 gene. The hypotonic male infant was the first son of healthy unrelated parents with no family history of neuromuscular disorders. Pregnancy was(More)
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