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Hippocampal mineralocorticoid (MRs) and glucocorticoid receptors (GRs) have been demonstrated to regulate the activity of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenocortical (HPA) system. To elucidate the role of the hippocampal MR in the circadian activity of the human HPA system, we studied diurnal secretory profiles of corticotropin (ACTH) and cortisol in 10(More)
Keywords: Switched systems Input/output-to-state stability (IOSS) State-norm estimators a b s t r a c t In this paper, the concepts of input/output-to-state stability (IOSS) and state-norm estimators are considered for switched nonlinear systems under average dwell-time switching signals. We show that when the average dwell-time is large enough, a switched(More)
— The contribution of this paper is twofold. First, we discuss necessity of a dissipativity condition which was recently used to prove optimal operation of a system at steady-state in an economic MPC framework. We illustrate with several examples that this dissipativity condition is not necessary, but comes close to being so in a certain sense. Second, we(More)
— We study a dissipativity property which was recently used in several results on economic model predictive control to ensure optimal operation of a system at steady-state as well as stability. This dissipativity property involves a supply rate which depends on the state and input constraints imposed on the system. The main contribution of this paper is to(More)
BACKGROUND Since 2006, cases of haemorrhagic diathesis in young calves have been observed with a much higher incidence than previously known. The syndrome, now uniformly called Bovine Neonatal Pancytopenia (BNP), is characterized by multiple (external and internal) haemorrhages, thrombocytopenia, leukocytopenia, and bone marrow depletion. Although various(More)
— In this paper, we study the property of input/output-to-state stability (IOSS) for switched nonlinear systems under average dwell-time switching signals, both when each of the constituent systems is IOSS as well as when only some of the constituent systems are IOSS and others are not. This extends available results on input-to-state stability for switched(More)
— In this paper, we propose a model predictive control (MPC) algorithm for switched nonlinear systems under average dwell-time switching signals. Assuming that a stabilizing MPC controller exists for each of the subsystems, we show that recursive feasibility of the repeatedly solved optimal control problem and asymptotic stability of the closed-loop(More)
—In this paper, we introduce and study the notion of norm-controllability for nonlinear systems. This property captures the responsiveness of a system with respect to applied inputs, which is quantified via the norm of an output. As a main contribution , we obtain several Lyapunov-like sufficient conditions for norm-controllability, some of which are based(More)