Matthew Wong Johnson

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We consider input streams, which represent underlying shorter signals. We will use a 1 , a represent the input stream, where a t arrives at time t. This stream describes some underlying signal, A[i] for i ∈ [1, N ] for some dimensionality N , which we would like to query. There are three typical models used: • Time Series: a t = A[t] • Cash Register: a t =(More)
  • Matthew Johnson, Robert H Liao, Alexander Rasmussen, Ramesh Sridharan, Dan Garcia, Brian K Harvey +2 others
  • 2008
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It is surprisingly hard to obtain accurate and precise measurements of the time spent executing a query because there are many sources of variance. To understand these sources, we review relevant per-process and overall measures obtainable from the Linux kernel and introduce a structural causal model relating these measures. A thorough correlational(More)
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