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Primary (AL) amyloidosis results from the pathologic deposition of monoclonal light chains as amyloid fibrils. Studies of recombinant-derived variable region (VL) fragments of these proteins have shown an inverse relationship between thermodynamic stability and fibrillogenic potential. Further, ionic interactions within the VL domain were predicted to(More)
Random sensor deployments following Poisson or Gaussian distribution are the most widely adopted deployment strategies for hostile and unpredictable application scenarios such as environment surveillance and malicious mobile target detection. In the literature, researchers assume either Poisson distributed or Gaussian distributed sensors in modeling(More)
In the current study, we determined the effects of IGF-1 receptor haploinsufficiency on osteoblast differentiation and bone formation throughout the lifespan. Bone mineral density was significantly decreased in femurs of male and female Igf1r(+/-) mice compared with wild-type mice. mRNA expression of osteoblast differentiation markers was significantly(More)
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