Matthew Wakeling

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FlyMine is a data warehouse that addresses one of the important challenges of modern biology: how to integrate and make use of the diversity and volume of current biological data. Its main focus is genomic and proteomics data for Drosophila and other insects. It provides web access to integrated data at a number of different levels, from simple browsing to(More)
SUMMARY InterMine is an open-source data warehouse system that facilitates the building of databases with complex data integration requirements and a need for a fast customizable query facility. Using InterMine, large biological databases can be created from a range of heterogeneous data sources, and the extensible data model allows for easy integration of(More)
Operational weather prediction systems do not currently make full use of infra-red satellite observations that are affected by the presence of cloud. Observations that are affected by cloud are routinely discarded during pre-processing. This is because cloud causes large, unpredictable, and nonlinear changes in the observed radiances, and obscures the(More)
OBJECTIVE Rare genetic disorders resulting in prenatal or neonatal death are genetically heterogeneous but testing is often limited by the availability of fetal DNA, leaving couples without a potential prenatal test for future pregnancies. We describe our novel strategy of exome sequencing parental DNA samples to diagnose recessive monogenic disorders in an(More)
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