Matthew W. Seeger

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An optical coherence tomography (OCT) system to produce both longitudinal and transversal images of the in vivo human eye is presented. For the first time, OCT transversal images collected from the living eye at 50-μm depth steps show details unobtainable with the state-of-the-art scanning laser ophthalmoscope. Images of up to 3×3 mm are produced from the(More)
This study examined differences in evacuation, crisis preparation, information-seeking patterns, and media use among the communities of disabled and non-disabled evacuees in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Surveys were collected from 554 Katrina evacuees temporarily relocated in different areas of the United States. Results indicate differences in(More)
BenQ, a Taiwanese-based company, grabbed the international headlines on June 7, 2005, when it acquired the money-losing mobile phone division of Germany’s Siemens and launched the brand, BenQ-Siemens. Subsequently the acquisition proved to be a strategic mistake, as the two companies could not successfully integrate. This article tracks BenQ’s acquisition(More)
Health communicators at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have developed an integrated model titled Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication (CERC) as a tool to educate and equip public health professionals for the expanding communication responsibilities of public health in emergency situations. This essay focuses on CERC as a general(More)
The phase transition is investigated for ordered and structurally disordered Heisenberg ferr* and ferrimagnets. No influence of disorder on the critical exponents is found, but a characteristic non-monotonic temperature dependence of the Kouvel-Fisher exponent y (T) outside the critical regime, which is described by the correlated molecular field theory. To(More)
In SF<sub>6</sub> insulated high voltage circuit breakers the dielectric recovery is a crucial phase during the current interruption process. Due to the complexity of the conditions after current zero, there is still little understanding of the relevant processes determining the dielectric strength of hot SF<sub>6</sub> under these conditions. An(More)
We derive a path integral expression for the transition amplitude in 1+1-dimensional QCD starting from canonically quantized QCD. Gauge fixing after quantization [1] leads to a formulation in terms of gauge invariant but curvilinear variables. Remainders of the curved space are Jacobians, an effective potential, and sign factors just as for the problem of a(More)
A supercritical (SC) nitrogen (N2) switch is designed and tested. The dielectric strength and recovery rate of the SC switch are investigated by experiments. In order to theoretically study the discharge and recovery process of the SC N2 switch under high repetition rate operation, a numerical model is developed. For SC N2 with initial parameters of p =(More)