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Visualization has become a critical component of simulation technology. Today we can't imagine doing a simulation without some kind of visualization to help communicate results and get better understanding of a model's behavior. Model build time and debugging have been significantly improved using 2D and 3D animation. The elements of visualization are(More)
Cross docking is a material handling and distribution concept in which goods move directly from receiving to shipping. In a typical cross docking system, the primary objective is to eliminate storage and excessive handling. As companies continue to streamline distribution functions, cross docking is becoming a more widely accepted distribution method. The(More)
Decision making in industry has become more complicated in recent years. Customers are more demanding, competition is more fierce, and costs for labor and raw materials continue to rise. Managers need state-of-the-art tools to help in planning, design, and operations of their facilities. Simulation provides a virtual factory where ideas can be tested and(More)
Whether designing a new system or modifying an existing one, engineers want to take the guesswork out of finding the best possible solution. While there are many analysis methods for designing industrial systems, simulation remains the method that gives the highest level of confidence a system will work. A well-written simulation model can be a valuable(More)
In this panel, principal members of seven leading simulation software companies discuss two important questions concerning the current and future status of simulation software. Suppose that a potential client asked you why they should buy your simulation software instead of another product. What are the specific features and capabilities of your software(More)
The AutoMod/sup TM/ simulation system differs significantly from other systems because of its ability to deal with the physical elements of a system in physical (graphical) terms and the logical elements of a system in logical terms. AutoMod also offers advanced features to allow users to simulate complex movement (kinematics and velocity) of equipment such(More)
AutoMod is an industrial simulation system that combines CAD-like drawing tools with a powerful, engineering-oriented language to model control logic and material flow. Unlike most other simulation languages, AutoMod'spow-erful graphical interface accurately captures the physical constraints of distance, size, and space, resulting in accurate ,(More)
The objective of this panel session is to describe how and when manufacturing simulation practitioners should add to the value of projects by interfacing simulation analyses with other analyses such as optimization, layout/material flow, scheduling, robotic, and queuing. The panelists will discuss how each analytical tool adds value to the discrete-event(More)
AutoStatprovides a complete statistical analysis capability in conjunction with AutoMod. Statistical analysis is an important part of using simulation to make decisions. When experimenting with a single model, AutoStat determines the " warm-up " period and computes the minimum, maximum, and confidence intervals for model statistics. When comparing(More)