Matthew W. Li

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Recordings were obtained from a total of 25 normal subjects of the electromyographic (EMG) responses in the sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM) to intense sound stimuli. While previous authors have demonstrated these responses exist, it has remained unclear whether the EMG response is unilateral or bilateral in nature. Accordingly, we chose a remote site,(More)
We have analysed 298 polymorphic markers in 13 families multiply affected with schizophrenia and related disorders using a combination of radiolabelled and fluorescent-based methodologies. The markers were distributed throughout the autosomes at an average spacing of 12.8 cM. The data were analysed with two-point linkage analysis (MLINK) and heterogeneity(More)
Radial glia (RG), as neurogenic progenitors and neuronal migration scaffolds, play critical roles during cortical neurogenesis. RG transformation into astrocytes, marking the transition from developmental to physiological function of these cells, is an important step during cortical development. In this study, we aim to determine the roles of microRNAs(More)
Granule neuron precursors (GNPs) proliferate under the influence of Sonic hedgehog (Shh) that is secreted by Purkinje neurons during early postnatal cerebellar development. To investigate microRNA (miRNA) function in this developmental process, we conditionally deleted the Dicer1 gene under the activity of human glial fibrillary acidic protein (hGFAP)(More)
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