Matthew W. Craig

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1 The ambulant intra-arterial blood pressure of eighteen hypertensive subjects was monitored before and again after 3 months treatment with thrice daily sotalol (six patients), twice daily pindolol (six patients) and once daily pindolol (six patients). 2 Three patients in the sotalol group underwent a third study having changed to a once daily regimen;(More)
1 The technique of continuous recording of intra-arterial blood pressure in ambulant hypertensives has been used to investigate the effects of a long-acting formulation of propranolol (propranolol LA). 2 Seven subjects with untreated essential hypertension were studied before and 2 months after commencing treatment with propranolol LA once daily in the(More)
1. We have assessed the day-to-day reproducibility of intra-arterial blood pressure by monitoring 17 freely ambulant hypertensive patients for a period of 48 h. Eight had no change of therapeutic regimen throughout and nine took a single dose of a hypotensive agent before retiring on the second night. 2. Records were analysed to provide hourly mean values(More)
1. Continuous monitoring of arterial pressure was performed via an indwelling cannula over 24 h in 12 hypertensive patients before treatment and again 2-4 months after starting metoprolol (100 mg twice daily). 2. During treatment, heart rate and systolic and diastolic pressures were significantly reduced. 3. The circadian patterns of heart rate and blood(More)
1. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring was carried out in 10 subjects for a period of 48 h, the first or second 24 h part of which was selected randomly to be a period of complete bed rest. 2. Heart rate was significantly lower throughout the period of bed rest except for the period 04.00-08.00 hours, when there was little difference. 3. The circadian(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the force-time and force-displacement response of the human mandible under direct loading at the chin. Sub-fracture response of the mandible and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) were analyzed from 10 cadavers that were impacted at the chin with a 2.8-kg mass at drop heights of 300, 400 and 500 mm and a 5.2-kg mass at(More)
During the continuous monitoring of intra-arterial blood pressure in ambulant hypertensive subjects, 18 episodes of coitus were recorded in 11 subjects. Peak values of up to 300/175 mmHg found, the mean for men being 237/138 mmHg and for women 216/127 mmHg. Two patients with coital symptoms (cephalgia and syncope) showed no unusual responses and, when(More)
An attempt to provide an improved quality of life for COPD patients led to the development of a prototype training program. The final outcome of an initial five-month program was a COPD golf tournament. The program included didactic education sessions, practice golf sessions to increase physical endurance, and the final competitive tournament. The(More)