Matthew Varugheese

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Genetic tests often identify variants whose significance cannot be determined at the time they are reported. In many situations, it is critical that clinicians be informed when new information emerges on these variants. It is already extremely challenging for laboratories to provide these updates. These challenges will grow rapidly as an increasing number(More)
The complexity and rapid growth of genetic data demand investment in information technology to support effective use of this information. Creating infrastructure to communicate genetic information to healthcare providers and enable them to manage that data can positively affect a patient's care in many ways. However, genetic data are complex and present(More)
OBJECTIVES To understand the impact of GeneInsight Clinic (GIC), a web-based tool designed to manage genetic information and facilitate communication of test results and variant updates from the laboratory to the clinics, we measured the use of GIC and the time it took for new genetic knowledge to be available to clinicians. METHODS Usage data were(More)
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