Matthew V Caple

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Recombinant glycoproteins produced by mammalian cells represent an important category of therapeutic pharmaceuticals used in human health care. Of the numerous sugars moieties found in glycoproteins, the terminal sialic acid is considered particularly important. Sialic acid has been found to influence the solubility, thermal stability, resistance to(More)
Adrenalectomy has been performed in the diabetic mouse and the islet immunohistochemistry studied. Adrenalectomy restored blood glucose to normal. Mean islet size of diabetic animals was larger than that of either adrenalectomized diabetic animals or of lean controls. Adrenalectomy restored the immunohistochemical appearance of the islets to normal when(More)
Unique alpha-cell crystals, a herpes-like virus, islet amyloidosis, and immunohistochemical reactions of islets are compared in the rodent, Octodon degus, in animals with ordinary and high circulating glucose levels. Results suggest that crystals, virus, and amyloid are independent of blood sugar and bear no obvious relation to one another, although each is(More)
Raw materials are a critical part of any cell culture medium; therefore, it is of utmost importance to understand and characterize them for high-quality product. The raw material characterization (RMC) program at SAFC focuses on individual screening of raw materials both analytically and biologically. The goal of the program is to develop the best-in-class(More)
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