Matthew Trager

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Costs and benefits for partners in mutualistic interactions can vary greatly, but surprisingly little is known about the factors that drive this variation across systems. We conducted a meta-analysis of ant-plant protective mutualisms to quantify the effects of ant defenders on plant reproductive output, to evaluate if reproductive effects were predicted(More)
We assessed the exposure and acute toxicity of naled, applied aerially as an ultra-low-volume spray for mosquito control, on late instar larvae of the Miami blue (Cyclargus thomasi bethunebakeri) (Comstock and Huntington 1943) (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae), an imperiled South Florida butterfly. We concurrently evaluated the control efficacy against caged adult(More)
Given multiple perspective photographs, point correspondences form the "joint image", effectively a replica of three dimensional space distributed across its two-dimensional projections. This set can be characterized by multilinear equations over image coordinates, such as epipolar and trifocal constraints. We revisit in this paper the geometric and(More)
Body size is often related to reproductive success in insects, but the direction and strength of this relationship differs greatly among systems. We studied the effects of adult size on probability of mating and egg production in the Miami blue butterfly. We found that likelihood of mating was invariant with respect to size. Larger females lived longer, and(More)
We present a new framework for multi-view geometry in computer vision. A camera is a mapping between P3 and a line congruence. This model, which ignores image planes and measurements, is a natural abstraction of traditional pinhole cameras. It includes two-slit cameras, pushbroom cameras, catadioptric cameras, and many more. We study the concurrent lines(More)
We examined avian communities of kopjes (naturally occurring insular rock outcrops) in grassland and thorn tree woodland habitats in the Seronera region of Serengeti National Park, northwestern Tanzania. Although kopjes cover a small proportion of the Park's area, they provide resources that are uncommon in the Serengeti landscape and are known to host(More)
Our primary objective in this study was to determine the plant level and environmental factors that affect oviposition choice and subsequent offspring survival in Megathymus yuccae (Boisduval and Leconte) on its host plant, Yucca filamentosa L. A preliminary survey suggested that the frequency of pupal eclosion tent presence increased only with host plant(More)
We examined the effects of habitat type and distance from the edge on ant species richness and community composition and we assessed the ability of species to dominate experimental bait stations in degraded longleaf pine savanna and oak hammock in northern Florida. We were particularly interested in the relationships between nonindigenous species, including(More)
The rational camera model recently introduced in [19] provides a general methodology for studying abstract nonlinear imaging systems and their multi-view geometry. This paper builds on this framework to study “physical realizations” of rational cameras. More precisely, we give an explicit account of the mapping between between physical visual rays and image(More)