Matthew Tobin

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A group of 31 lettuce harvesters exposed to the organophosphate pesticide mevinphos presented to a local emergency room with moderate cholinergic symptoms and eye and skin irritation, with 22 of the subjects (76%) reporting three or more symptoms. None had baseline cholinesterase values, and plasma cholinesterase activity for all but two workers was above(More)
A group of 16 cauliflower workers poisoned by residues of the organophosphate insecticides mevinphos and phosphamidon was followed in weekly clinics with interviews and determinations of plasma and erythrocyte cholinesterase levels. None had preexposure baseline values. Although six had initial erythrocyte cholinesterase values within the laboratory normal(More)
CONTEXT Despite considerable evidence that window replacement reduces childhood lead exposure and improves energy conservation and market value, federal policies in childhood lead poisoning, home improvement, and weatherization programs all tend to discourage it. OBJECTIVE AND INTERVENTION To evaluate a state bond-financed pilot program that replaced old(More)
OBJECTIVE Gout patient self-management knowledge and adherence to treatment regimens are poor. Our objective was to assess the feasibility and acceptability of a multidisciplinary team-based pilot program for the education and monitoring of gout patients. METHODS Subjects completed a gout self-management knowledge exam, along with gout flare history and(More)
We develop the theory of frames and Parseval frames for finite-dimensional vector spaces over the binary numbers. This includes characterizations which are similar to frames and Parseval frames for real or complex Hilbert spaces, and the discussion of conceptual differences caused by the lack of a proper inner product on binary vector spaces. We also define(More)
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