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Casting the Percomorph Net Widely: The Importance of Broad Taxonomic Sampling in the Search for the Placement of Serranid and Percid Fishes
Abstract The limits and relationships of serranid and percid fishes, in the context of the percomorph radiation, were resolved using 4036 aligned base pairs of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequenceExpand
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Genomic and proteomic characterization of “Candidatus Nitrosopelagicus brevis”: An ammonia-oxidizing archaeon from the open ocean
Significance Thaumarchaeota are among the most abundant microbial cells in the ocean, but to date, complete genome sequences for marine Thaumarchaeota are lacking. Here, we report the 1.23-Mbp genomeExpand
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After continents divide: comparative phylogeography of reef fishes from the Red Sea and Indian Ocean
Aim: The Red Sea is a biodiversity hotspot characterized by a unique marine fauna and high endemism. This sea began forming c. 24 million years ago with the separation of the African and ArabianExpand
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Phylogeography of the manybar goatfish, Parupeneus multifasciatus, reveals isolation of the Hawaiian Archipelago and a cryptic species in the Marquesas Islands
To assess genetic connectivity in a common and abundant goatfish (family Mullidae), we surveyed 637 specimens of Parupeneus multifasciatus (Quoy and Gaimard, 1825) from 15 locations in the HawaiianExpand
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Speciation and ecological success in dimly lit waters: horizontal gene transfer in a green sulfur bacteria bloom unveiled by metagenomic assembly
A natural planktonic bloom of a brown-pigmented photosynthetic green sulfur bacteria (GSB) from the disphotic zone of karstic Lake Banyoles (NE Spain) was studied as a natural enrichment culture fromExpand
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A Tale of Three Tails: Cryptic Speciation in a Globally Distributed Marine Fish of the Genus Seriola
Genetic data are increasingly being applied to re-evaluate past taxonomic hypotheses and better understand the evolutionary patterns and connectivity among regional populations of cosmopolitanExpand
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Two New Species of the Indo-Pacific Clingfish Genus Discotrema (Gobiesocidae)
Abstract Two new species of the formerly monotypic gobiesocid genus Discotrema are described. Discotrema monogrammum is described from specimens collected from crinoids in Papua New Guinea andExpand
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Redescription and validation of Alphestes afer as an amphi-Atlantic grouper species (Perciformes: Serranidae)
Alphestes afer (Bloch, 1793), a common western Atlantic species of grouper, was described from the coast of Guinea, West Africa. The type locality has long been regarded as erroneous, and theExpand
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The Nearshore Fish Assemblage of the Scripps Coastal Reserve, San Diego, California
Marine reserves are quickly becoming a primary tool in the management of coastal resources worldwide. With a growing demand for appropriate management strategies and enforcement of existingExpand
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Discordant Phylogeographic and Biogeographic Breaks in California Halibut
Abstract The range of the California Halibut, Paralichthys californicus, spans three biogeographic provinces along the coastline of Alto (United States) and Baja (Mexico) California. To assessExpand
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