Matthew T. S. Tennant

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Growth factors have been found in vitreous fluid, in which they regulate retinal function and provide markers of ocular dysfunction. Since growth hormone (GH) has recently been discovered in the vitreous of human eyes, the possibility that vitreal GH concentrations might differ in different ocular disease states was assessed. GH-immunoreactivity in the(More)
Purpose. Congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) is a global cause of preventable hearing impairment, blindness, and intellectual impairment. The present study sought to identify ocular and auditory manifestations of CRS in school-aged children in Mbingo, Cameroon. Design. Cross sectional study. Subjects. Students at two schools, one for children with hearing(More)
PURPOSE To assess the impact of early (dry) and late (wet/neovascular and/or atrophic) forms of AMD on panretinal function. METHODS Light- and dark-adapted full-field ERG recordings were obtained over a 5-log-unit intensity range from both eyes of 25 patients with unilateral wet AMD. Fellow eyes showed various signs of dry AMD ranging from multiple(More)
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