Matthew T. Presley

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This paper discusses the TWOS implementation of the Sharks World simulation, a simple simulation of sharks and fish swimming through a toroidal world. It covers the design of the simulation and presents performance results for it. Sharks World performs very well under TWOS in a variety of configurations. Also, the paper discusses the process of writing the(More)
This study was done at the University of Michigan Shady Trails Camp, in an intensive 6-wk summer treatment program. Children aged 8.5-18.3 yrs (54 M, 13 F) with communicative impairments, but with no known hearing losses, were screened audiometrically ("Fail" = lack of response at 20 db HTL from 0.5-8 kc/s), and with tympanometry. There was an unexpectedly(More)
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