Matthew T Kleinosky

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To determine the current prevalence of antibody to arboviruses, rickettsiae, and hantaan-like viruses, a survey was carried out in the Nile River Valley of Egypt, one of the principal foci of the 1977-1978 Rift Valley fever (RVF) outbreak. Blood specimens were obtained from 915 persons representing 190 study households. Enzyme immunoassay testing showed(More)
A sensitive, and at times the most sensitive, measurement of human vaccine immunogenicity is enumeration of antibody-secreting cells (ASC) in peripheral blood. However, this assay, which is inherently capable of measurement of the absolute number of antigen-specific ASC, is not standardized. Thus, quantitative comparison of results between laboratories is(More)
Unique mRM detected 30 29 1 Patients with mRM* NRTI 91.0 71.0 20 NNRTI 53.0 32.0 21 PI 65.0 44.0 21 ARV class association* One class 14.7 35.2 20.5 Two classes 44.1 29.4 15.0 Three classes 35.2 17.6 17.6 Notes: {Cumulative e most recent, yPercent, *number (%). NRTI: M184V, M41L, K70R, T215Y, D67N, L210W, T215F, T69D, T215D, K219E, K219N, L74I, L74V, V75A,(More)
OBJECTIVES Individuals with perinatally acquired HIV infection have benefited from antiretroviral therapy. However, they often have complex patterns of major resistance mutations that limit the effectiveness of available antiretroviral medications. Knowledge of incidence rates of major antiretroviral resistance mutations should provide a benchmark enabling(More)
ri'nN 1"'111 Wn M11s ",1)l Standard Form 298 (Rev 2-89) P-Atic~bed by ANSI Sid 139-18 I'll J I-P %leh Me. 4ii'i 1441 pp '-(-'91 tiopingLt t 4 It , Ihe ýmrncncrn t i Tropical Medicine and H'gilen COMMUNITY-BASED PREVALENCE PROFILE OF ARBOVIRAL. RICKETTSIAL. AND HANTAAN-LIKE VIRAL ANTIBODY IN THE NILE RIVER DELTA OF EGYPT ANDREW CORWIN. MUSTAFA HABIB. DOUGLAS(More)
BACKGROUND Etravirine is a second-generation non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) with reduced cross-resistance to first-generation NNRTIs. Because many perinatally HIV-infected patients have been treated with first-generation NNRTIs, they may have acquired resistance-associated mutations to etravirine (RAMe). METHODS We determined for(More)
Campylobacter jejuni infection of mice initiated by intranasal administration was investigated as a potential model for studies of pathogenesis and immunity. By using a standard challenge (5 x 10(9) CFU), C. jejuni 81-176 was more virulent for BALB/c (72% mortality) than for C3H/Hej (50%), CBA/CAJ (30%), or C58/J (0%). Intranasal challenge of BALB/c was(More)
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